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Mumtaz Tamil Actress

Mumtaz Tamil Actress Biography
Namitha hails from Surat, from a Gujarati Family. She is an Indian actress. She is a sex symbol in India. She was Miss Surat for the year 1998. Namitha has appeared in a number of commercials. Later, she debuted in Tollywood movie Sontham . Later, chances started flooding her.
Namitha has acted in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and English movies. She was also a contestant in the 2001 Miss India pagent. Her father was a business man. Engal Anna , was a Tamil movie that did really well at the box office and made her to be noticed by many, She is also a blackbelt in karate.
Namitha , the hot desi girl from Kollywood is such a sexy bomb shell that since her entry, her fans base has only kept increasing and never declining. The Namitha fever is still on.
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Sexy Gorgeous Namitha in Saree!
Namitha got the great opportunity to pair up with Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay in Azhagiya Tamilmagan, a Tamil movie. To act with Vijay, it is said that this sexy actress worked really hard to shed nearly 10 kgs.Namitha is also very famous for her item numbers. Whether the film in which she acts becomes ahit or not, surely, the songs she is in becomes a sure hit.
Ads of Namitha : Himani cream, Himani herbal soap, Nile herbal shampoo,Manikchand Ghutka,
Arun Ice cream….. etc.
Namitha, as she is tall sexy and too glamorous, has a huge fan base behind her. Initialy she was paired with the older actore like Sarath, Sathyaraj etc, but later, she was paired with Vijya, Ajith .
Namitha is also believed to be a sports person. She is a good athlete as well. Namitha has also learnt horse riding, and karate.  She also has a black belt in Karate.
Namitha was introduced as Bhairavi in Telugu industry, but later changed her name to Namitha itself. Namitha is a sexy bomb in South India. There can be no person who doesn't know her. She also lost a lot of weight to play the glamorous role in Jagan mohini.
Namitha was ruling the Tamil film industry during the time of release of her films with Vijay and Ajith. She is also expecting good future projects. Namitha practices Yoga and swimming to rejuvenate and relax herself. She was also teaching kids swimming - worked as a swimming coach before entering movies.
Hot facts in Biography|Tamil Actress Bhumika Biodata|Bhumika Chawla Profile
# It is said that the telugu actress Bhumika Chawla has written nearly 100 poems in English and she planning to release a poem book. She has expressed her wish for Amitabh Bachchan to release the book.
# Her Telugu debut is ‘Yuvakudu’ in Telegu opposite Sumanth in the year 2000.
# Her hindi debut was in ‘Tere Naam’ opposite Salman Khan in 2003.
# Bhumika Chawla has done more than fifteen ad-films. It was her campaign for Ponds powder that brought her more recognition.
# She has an elder brother who is a military officer. She has an elder sister also.
# Her father Colonel A S was a military officer.
# Telugu actress Bhumika finished her schooling in Delhi and moved to Mumbai in 1997.
# Initially tha actress Bhumika worked for ads and music videos.
# Telugu actress Bhumika Chawla came to limelight after her first hit film “Khushi”. She also won the “Best Actress Award” for the film Kushi.
# It is said that she will venture into directing movies in the near future.
Bhumika Chawla quotes
# “I sometimes get a bit embarrassed when I have to shoot for romantic scenes. When Abhishek came and said ‘I Love You’, I don’t know what happened but suddenly I felt very shy and had to ask for retake.” [ about Run]
# “Salman is correct when he says that it is not right to call him bhai in public when the same audience see us romancing before camera. He jokes that people would call us Bhai-Behen ki jodi.” [ about salman's advice]
# “Salman is a darling and a gem of a person. I think it is because of his recommendation I have got another film Dil Ne Jisse Apna Kaha.”
# “Good to work with ad films. I am glad I have started my career with ad films. It is there where I have learnt nuances of acting and expressions.”
# “No. I do not believe that exposure gets offers. I would like to be a glamorous artiste but not an exposing artiste.”
# ” I swear I don’t have any one special nor am I dating anyone. Just because I acted in Surya Productions movie everyone framed out a story and said that there was something going on between the actor and me. I even acted in Rojakootam with Srikanth and everyone got excited with another story that I am involved him. With my career growth this has been bothering me a lot.”
# “There was never any romance nor am I involved with any one at the moment. I am single and I hope to remain the same for sometime atleast. I will be not be affected with such statements or rumours and I am used this sort of gossips.”
# ‘If you track my career so far, I’ve been selective. I’ve worked with directors I’ve believed in. It’s not always about working with the topline actors and filmmakers, because you never know what works and what doesn’t.”
# ‘Yes, I am happy with the relationship. There is nothing to hide, but I wouldn’t go public with my feelings. When you fall in love, you see a future ahead. So, see I’m a positive person. Why say anything beyond that?” [about her relationship with Bharat Thakur]
Bhumika Chawla best movie list
Mumtaz Tamil Actress
Mumtaz Tamil Actress
Mumtaz Tamil Actress
Mumtaz Tamil Actress
Mumtaz Tamil Actress
Mumtaz Tamil Actress
Mumtaz Tamil Actress
Mumtaz Tamil Actress
Mumtaz Tamil Actress
Mumtaz Tamil Actress
Mumtaz Tamil Actress
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